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The name Runnymede may be derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'runieg' (regular meeting) and 'mede' (mead or meadow),

describing a place in the meadows used to hold regular meetings. The Witan, Witenagemot or Council of the

Anglo-Saxon Kings of the 7th to 11th centuries was held from time to time at Runnymede during the reign of Alfred the Great.

The Council met usually in the open air. This political organ was transformed in succeeding years,

influencing the creation of England’s 13th century parliament.
The water-meadow at Runnymede is the most likely location at which, in 1215, King John sealed the Magna Carta.

The charter indicates Runnymede by name. The Magna Carta had an impact on common and constitutional law as well as

political representation also affecting the development of parliament.  Runnymede's association with ideals of democracy,

limitation of power, equality and freedom under law has attracted placement there of monuments and commemorative symbols.




A:  Magna Carta Memorial    B:  Air Forces Memorial   C:  Magna Carta Tea Rooms & Galleries

D:  Runnymede Public Pleasure grounds   J:  JFK Memorial    K:  Fairhaven Kiosks

L:  Langham Ponds     T: Egham Town  &  Egham Museum




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The view from the Air Forces Memorial (Coopers Hill overlooking the Magna Carta Memorial) across Runnymede Meadows

towards London.  The course of the River Thames can clearly be seen across the centre of the picture.




The Runnymede Meadow extends southwards to the A30 Egham Bypass and comprises some 188 acres in area.

It was given to the National Trust in 1931 by Lady Fairhaven. The meadows were used as a site for the

Egham Racecourse from 1734-1884 when racing was moved to Kempton Park due to large gangs of London pickpockets

invading the Egham meetings.  Beyond the Meadow is Cooper’s Hill Woods – 110 acres in area,

which was given to the National Trust in 1964 by Egham Urban District Council.




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