Commemorating the 800th Anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede











Thank you for your interest in my book.

The Book has 265 quality page-indexed images relating to the historic celebrations surrounding the

800th Anniversary of the Sealing of the Magna Carta, when the eyes of the world became briefly focussed on Runnymede.


I have worked at Runnymede Borough Council for almost 20 years and my photographic hobby has frequently afforded me the privilege of capturing Borough related events both officially and unofficially. No other time has been more intense than during our historic 2015 year, as I consciously attempted to maximize opportunities to capture moments.

Recognising that I accumulated probably the widest possible collection of images relating to the Commemorations for the 800th Anniversary of the Sealing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede, I set about bringing the memories together, for friends, colleagues, event participants and those interested in all things Runnymede 2015.

I am not promoting this book for profit, but prefer that it might become a record of Runnymede 2015 to be shared, holding many memories for all the people involved.

Book Price  £ 35

With the book’s initial success (a big thank you for those who supported the initial £40 price),

and with the arrival of further batches, I am now able to make the book available

for £35, as near as possible to cost, with collection locally by arrangement, or delivery where possible.  Please email me  if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

I will then provide details for electronic payment, or an address for a cheque.



About the Book & How it came about



I initially created the montage on the front of the book. It was designed for a maximum stand-alone on-line print size of 45”by30”, and I soon received very encouraging comments from local key-event-participants who enthused about displaying a copy. This made the image the obvious choice for the front cover of the Book. I felt that even with the images so small, it looked great.

There are however many more images in the Book, and all at decent size.

I haven’t got too excited about my photographic efforts before, but I believe this creation is something rather special. My photography is just a hobby, and this is an opportunity to share some of my achievements with a wider audience than normal.



I believe this book is the pinnacle of all my photographic endeavors thus far, and it is a joy to be able to bring the best of my Runnymede 2015 experiences together in this way.

Alan Bostock    






View across Runnymede & the Thames  from the Air Forces Memorial



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